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The techno marvellous media room
Incredible all-porpose computerized media room. What does it do?. Well, it dissolves the already thinning line between American work and play. Installed in your office, it could make it easy for you to forget to go home.
(That´s what your company would banking on, no doubt.) Installed in your home, it could save you gas money, obviating the need for your physical presence at the office. It would also enable you to negotiate heavy deals in your pajamas, which we all know is the ultimate perk.
The teleportation unit was designed by architects Doug Michels and Richard Jost, from New York and Houston, respectively. The result looks like a cross between a space module and a small, plush theater.
So plush, in fact, that in addition to being a great place to do business, it´s a great place for seduction. It seduced us, at any rate.
We want one.
Bell Magazine cover, Jan/FEB 1980
Bell Magazine cover, Jan/FEB 1980
At right, the Teleportation Unit turns into a boogie room with the aid of a disc in the Apple computer programmed to translate music into pulsing patterns of colored light on the giant screen. As you sit in the elevate white Saarinen chair at the control board, an amazing assortment of communications and computer hardware is at your finger tips. The computer comes with data processor, printer and disc memory, and to´s hooked up to the video projector, data screen, a videocassette recorder and an audio system with four stereo speakers (built into the wall for wraparound sound). The audio system features your regular television stations, a hookup to 40 cable TV system around the country, a Bang & Olufen AM/FM radio tuner, tape deck and turntable. The nearly soundproof room is covered, top to bottom, in gray-blue wool with matching carpeting. Cushioned seating is provided at the front for 12. So bring your flight crew and teleport them into tomorrow.
Bell Magazine, Jan/Feb 1980
Teleportation Unit
Teleportation Unit
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